Chubby frog picture

Tuesday, June 18, 2019
They have round bodies with mahogany brown backs and cream stomachs. The distinctive stripes down the side can range from copper-brown to salmon pink in color. Males have darker throats than females. They may live for as long as 10 years. This frog is native to Southeast Asia , and usually lives on the forest floor, in rice fields, and even inside homes.
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Asian Painted Bullfrog Care

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Asian Painted Bullfrog Care

The Asian painted bullfrog Kaloula pulchra is a somewhat cute and comical narrow-mouthed toad from Asia. It has established itself as something of a regular in the international pet trade; it goes by many pseudonyms, but it is perhaps best known by its slightly more accurate trade name of chubby frog. Widespread throughout southern Asia, it is a highly adaptable species that makes the most of encroaching human habitat and is believed to be increasing in population despite its collection for both the food and pet markets. The chubby frog is prolific, and wild populations may be growing despite this frog's collection for both food and pet markets. Growing to approximately 2 to 3 inches, the chubby frog is, as its name suggests, a rather rotund frog, stocky and robust in stature, with a short, rounded snout and short limbs suited better to crawling into crevices than jumping long distances.
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Chubby Frog

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