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How to decorate your home in Loft style

by Cream

Loft living has been trending upward among those who prefer material honestly and who believes that freedom is all that matters. They favor lifestyles that don’t retain the formality of the past. The main features of loft, industrial and factory-inspired interiors are a little raw and unfinished but exciting in every aspect. In Thailand the three styles became visible In earnest around the early part of the 21e Century.

The charm of Loft living lies in growing preferences for material honesty, an idea that materials should be use as they are, and not mimicking something else. Loft interiors boast exposed steel structures, real wood floors, skylights, bare brick walls and high ceilings that are typical of the industrial plant. Windows are often large as they were originally, while water pipes and electrical wire add excitement to the interior living spaces. The style has become pop among the new generation, especially hipsters and young business starters.


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