Home Decoration by Style How to decorate your home in Gorgeous style

How to decorate your home in Gorgeous style

by Cream

The Gorgeous style is Classic with a Contemporary twist mixed with Vintage design details.

Features or qualities belonging typically to Gorgeous interior design include shiny and smooth materials from mirrors, polished stainless steel and other metals to intricate details of luxurious objects and glittering chandeliers.

The shiny decorating materials are meant to contrast with black and dark shades of blue and maroon on the walls, the upholstery and the carpet. Dark hues give a hint of secrecy, playful seduction and temptations. The Gorgeous style is best described as a class of Modern Classic interior design that highlights the tastes and the way of life of new generations. There are the generations who have a penchant for something luxurious, simply clean and fashion modern, but have no desire to venture out into the Classic territory.


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