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How to decorate your home in Bohemian style

by Warinda

The Bohemian style is a form of locally based design known for being avant-garde, nonconformist and unconventional. It is the way of free-spirited individuals who prefer new alternatives to what its traditionally held as norms.

Bohemians show little regard for the fashionable trend or reigning name brands but focus on imperfections and unique personal preferences in making their style statements. The fashion style known collectively as “boho-chic” includes sewing craft patterns and decorative beads for clothing made the Gypsy way. The informal nomadic lifestyle is being seen across Europe and America.

Bohemian interior design is one of the mix and match styles but focusses for the most part on Vintage and DIY décor. It is sought after by those who prefer intricate details and color in their design choice. Modern adaptations of the Bohemian style include using things thought to have mystical powers or tribal objects as items of interior decoration.

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