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Saturday, September 15, 2018
Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, New York University and Princeton University say that when presented with photographs of just faces of people undergoing highly intense experiences, viewers were baffled as to whether the experience was positive or negative. The researchers presented test groups with photos of dozens of highly intense facial expressions in a variety of real life emotional situations. For example, in one study they compared emotional expressions of professional tennis players winning or losing a point. These pictures are ideal because the stakes in such games are extremely high from an economic and prestige perspective, according to the researchers. The researchers showed different versions of the pictures to three groups of participants: The full picture with the face and body; the body with the face removed; and the face with the body removed. The participants could easily tell apart the losers from winners when they rated the full picture or the body alone, but they were at chance level when rating the face alone, according to the researchers.
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Body Language, Not Facial Expressions, Conveys Good or Bad Experience

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3 Ways to Have a Pleasant Facial Expression - wikiHow

We spend a lot of time on the big picture — and the big details — of our presentations. What story am I trying to tell? What is my message? What is the best intro? What is the best conclusion? Do I have enough slides?
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5 Facial Expression Tips When Giving a Presentation

Are you good at reading people? Here's why it's vital that you pay attention to the facial expressions of your listeners! Well, at least for me it did. When deciphered, that particular headline stated that the president and the prime minister disagreed about North Korea's latest missile tests.
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The ability to understand facial expressions is an important part of nonverbal communication. If you only listen to what a person says and ignore what that person's face is telling you, then you really only have half the story. Often, words do not match emotions, and the face betrays what a person is actually feeling.
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