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by Warinda

Vintage interior design rose to fame for its ability to communicate a sense of charm and history through old furniture and decorating items. It is a style sought after by bath the interior design circle and the fashion industry. Women find Vintage-style accessories aesthetically pleasing and think highly of Vintage pastel colors, lace fabrics and wallpaper exhibiting nostalgia.


The design bring back many fond memories of the good old days of the Victorian period. It serves as a reminder of prominent styles of the past, from Art Nouveau and Deco to handmade traditions of the Art and Crafts period of Europe. Vintage is not about just one style. After World War a new style was born and became known as American Vintage.

The American version of nostalgic decorating style was popular until the 1950s. Fundamentally American Vintage offered a wide range of items, from tables and chairs to cabinets, beds, sofas, counters, vases, chandeliers, curtains, wallpaper and paints. There is no principle governing how Vintage design is used in home interior decoration. Often times it performs very well in the company of other nostalgic styles or mixed with items from different historical periods. It is easily accessible. Vintage décor items may come in the form of second-hands products or replicas of antique materials.

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