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Back to nature in modern bali design

by Warinda

The Balinese version of Modern Tropical design is worthy of admiration for its inextricable relationships with the natural surroundings. The design boast open and airy interior spaces that promote visual continuation from inside to outside. It is made for comfy living in warm and humid weather conditions characteristic of the Indonesian archipelagos.

Take for example long roof overhangs that protect against excessive heat, humidity and heavy rain showers. Roofing is crafted of thatch or covered in kiln-fired earth tiles. The surrounding yard boast water features, manicured gardens and small pavilion for relaxation in the outdoors. Typically the Balinese interior spaces are built of real wood, bamboo, kiln-fired earth tiles and sandstones. Decorating details often showcase sculptures of gods and goddesses that are worshipped in the locality.

Other décor items included drawings, woodcarving and elaborate handicrafts. Beautiful earth tones come as standards in the calm and forgiving Modern Tropical Balinese style. The design can be found at hotels and resorts across the island that is drawing tourists from around the globe.

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